Cast & Animals


Crew / Equipment

We’ve shot all over the globe, including NL of course. For sure, we know all about any equipment you could possibly need, and whether it’s a Russian Arm or drone, mo-con or helicopter, we have it locally available. Our local crews consist of carefully selected, multilingual professionals with many years of experience, and they’re just as used to working on small scale documentary or music-video setups as they are on large international commercials and feature film productions. Another plus of working with Dutch crews is that there's no Sunday - nor holiday surcharges, how about that?


  • Are there mountains in NL? Nope. And that's a good thing, because it gives us endless horizons. You can impose any background you want on a skyline like ours.
  • Do the Dutch speak English? Well, the Netherlands has the highest English proficiency ranking in the world - so that’s a yes.
  • What’s the difference between Holland, The Netherlands and Amsterdam? The Netherlands started out as two provinces, named North and South Holland. There’s now ten others, and together they're called The Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital (in the province of North Holland).
  • Is the Netherlands easy to reach? Schiphol airport has the most direct flights to any other country, and it’s ranked as the 2nd largest flight hub in the world - so yes, very easy.
  • Does smoking cannabis have any effect on the production process? We can’t confirm this either way. Although non of us are smokers, usage and possession of less than 30 grams of Cannabis is considered legal here - but only in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
  • What else? The Netherlands is the world’s healthiest country when it comes to diet, was the first to legalise same sex marriage, and is the birthplace of gin (as well as CD’s, DVD’s and the microscope).  As if that’s not enough, NL also has the oldest airline, KLM, is the safest country to cycle in, and best of all (or perhaps because of all these things) is in the top 3 happiest countries worldwide. Say cheese.