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Rogier Hesp (1985) was admitted to the Dutch Film Academy at the age of 18. We reckon it was in his blood way before then. We reckon he wanted to be a film director from the day he was born. And since that was in Nijmegen in 1985, to chase that dream must have been quite a challenge. Eventually he succeeded, maybe life in Dordrecht after Nijmegen gave him that last push? Thing is that Rogier says he loved Nijmegen, and liked living in Dordrecht after. So yes, we have doubts about 'liked'. We think it was the cause of that last push to take the dream to a next level.

Rogier graduated in 2008. His graduation project, the feature, Sight, grabbed the Nassenstein Startprijs 2008. Which basically meant the NFA thought his was the best fiction project in the graduating class. The same year, Rogier was selected for the Cannes Young Directors Award for his commercial, ‘Robbery’ for TomTom. Only proving patience is eternal genius, after all.

In 2010, Rogier nabbed a Gold and two Silver Lions from Cannes, a Gold Eurobest, a Gold Epica, a Gold Cresta and Silver LIAA for the Young Director’s Promo, ‘Dramaqueen’. Which we still deem worthy of his reel.  Since then, Rogier’s been acknowledged in the Netherlands and beyond for his natural sense of storytelling and need to use the audience’s eyes to move their hearts. In 2015, he won the award for best TV ad in NL for the KNGF’s ‘Guide Dog,’ and has done other award-winning work since then for KFC, Skoda, and DPC, a stunner to raise awareness of depression.

In 2010, Rogier shot the short, Rosalinda.  And his first feature, Ketamine, in 2014. He’s currently in pre-production on his second feature, ‘Gold’, which he also wrote.  Rogier’s screenplay won a stiff competition for Dutch Film funding.  Gold, indeed.