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Armando Bo (1978) was born in Argentina. As the son and grandson of the filmmaker’s family Bo, growing up everything in his early life was related to film. His first actual shoot was New York as a teenager. He bought a camera, played around with it and shot everything he could. Worked as an assistant at 18. And learned. Took on his first director’s assignment at the age of 21. And travelled. That’s when we met him. In Amsterdam, as the behind-the-scenes director on a big shoot for the artist Shakira, Bonkers produced. Funny, even then he realized that he would be in for something bigger than smoking weed in our office. While we thought it was the pot talking, he already propagated that ‘when a story is good, and the emotions are believable, you can do anything with film’.  Several years later, in 2005, he co-founded Rebolucion, with good friend Patricio Alvarez Casado. Nowadays Rebolucion is one of the best production companies in Argentina. We love them all like family.

Armando made a documentary and movie, and started writing big time. In his own words  ‘the story dictates all. It is basically where everything comes from. Each decision is based on the story, the character. It influences the  visual side, the approach to the camera. Everything’. Together with his cousin Nicolas Giacobone he wrote a script they named Biutiful. The script ended up with Alejandro González Iñárritu, with whom they then turned it into the impressive movie, featuring Javier Bardem. All else is history, in 2014 he got an Oscar for the screenplay of Birdman, again directed by Iñárritu, featuring Michael Keaton.

About commercials, Armando basically does not think very differently. He has directed several brand films for companies such as Axe, VW and Got Milk. Again we quote I think the most important quality for sure is the ability to visualise. See the film, so you can explain all details, to everyone involved. You may change things, if the story in your head allows it, at the same time you may not, and it makes things easier if you can explain why things might not work, if the arguments come from the film you see in your head. Obviously you must also be a very hard worker and be moving forward.’  And for sure Armando is all that too. Living in LA these days with his wife and two kids, the future is looking good and moving forward, like constantly.