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Andres Salmoyraghi (1984) was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 17 he began his career as a production assistant, not long after that he worked as a producer at the Agulla & Baccetti agency. In 2005 he became Head of Production at Santo BA, and still, he was only 21 years old.

Producing for the biggest clients like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Breil (to name a few of a very long list) he travelled the world, working with the biggest commercial directors. Andres says because of that he knew he wanted to direct himself. We reckon he wanted to be a film director from the day he was born. Why else would one pick up a study at the Cinematographic Research Center and then even continue at the New York Film Academy. The guy is so good that Santo took him back straight after his return to Buenos Aires. 

In 2008 he then finally started to direct fulltime. Hell yeah, obviously with our friends at Rebolucion. He had a grand debut with a sweet spot for Magistral.  And within the year Andres was awarded in Cannes. The story continues, like the eve of a very promising future.

Andres recently moved to LA with his wife and daughters. And apart from being in the sun all day now, it seems the essence of the given name Salmoyraghi stands for intuition, enlightenment, and dreams. There you have it, the guy is a star.