Bonkers has been creating & producing TVcommercials, musicvideos & content for online media, since the day they started in 1999. Founded by Matthijs van Heijningen & Saskia Kok, the name bonkers came from the reputation for leaving behind what they were used to, thinking they could do as good, if not better. Never wanting to simply execute, always looking for more profound reasons to make things happen the right way, underlined a bonkers way of working. Well, it proved us right, over and over again, and up to today, we never came across any hero, man or woman, who wasn’t a little bonkers too, have you?






Nowadays we are part of a worldwide network, of people, directors & producers, who think alike, but express themselves in their own unique way. So dear agencyproducer, creative or artist, please do consult us always about your script or project, its free! Never think its bonkers to explore and see what we could do for you, thats what we are here for, it would be bonkers if you don’t!

..about digital. Although we produce content for onlinemedia, we think its content when you can point a camera to it and put it online. However, we don’t think it should therefore always be cheaper to produce than if it was for TV. We would love to sit down with you, think differently about how your money is spent, come up with ideas & solutions to make things work, as long as you keep it wonderful and creatively bonkers, to make it everybody’s worth their while (in our minds the best way to go viral anyway!)